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Diamond Cut

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Diamond Cut

While considering the cut of a diamond is the most important factor for its beauty, the cut determines the brilliance of the diamonds. This is based on reflection, dispersion, and scintillation of the light. Unlike colour and clarity, there is not a single grade that defines it.

Furthermore, diamonds similar in weight , colour, and clarity differ in appearance and value. This is because of differences in cut quality.

The cut is the most complicated of the 5Cs. Carat weight, colour, clarity, and certification, with their value and rarity, resulting in a diamond’s formation. Cut precision is the result of human decision and diamond cutting skills. Nowadays, it’s possible to have a better cut with the use of high technology in the diamond industry.

Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut Grades:

The easiest way to judge the cut of a diamond is to look at the grade. Grades range from ‘Poor’ to ‘Ideal’. Ideal being the perfect proportioned and faceted diamond (Only round diamonds can reach an ‘Ideal’ grade. Generally you want to buy a diamond that is graded at either ‘Premium’ or ‘Ideal’ quality. When you start to look at Diamonds of Grade ‘Very Good’ or lower, you will begin to find diamonds that sacrifice perfect proportions for slightly larger diamond weight.

Diamond Cut Grading

Excellent / Ideal
Diamond Cut Grade Excellent / Ideal
Exhibits optimal fire and brilliance as virtually all the light that enters is reflected by the diamond to the viewer's eye.
Very Good
Diamond Cut Grade Very Good
When seen from the top-down view, it can show an asymmetrical pattern of light and dark spots. It can also show dullness.
Diamond Cut Grade Good
Good Cuts don’t reflect light as much as the higher grades because their fire, brilliance, and scintillation are not up to par.
Diamond Cut Grade Fair
This cut grade doesn’t retain the light entering the diamond, so the perceived fire and brilliance is greatly reduced.
Diamond Cut Grade Poor
Poor Cuts are dull even when seen without magnification tools. It’s completely worthless and is a bad value for money.

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