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Diamond Clarity

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Diamond Clarity

A flawless diamond with little to no imperfections is often desired due to its rarity. But they are also being the costliest one. Thus, it is important to keep in mind that it is very common to find diamonds with slight imperfections.

These imperfections also are recognized as “inclusions”. They usually occur during the diamond’s crystallization period inside the Earth. This can also happen because of the stresses of mining and processing. Inclusions are anything from tiny white points to dark dots, cracks or scratches. The fewer the inclusions are, the more valuable the stone is. The clarity can be calculated using a 10 x power magnification. This means that the object viewed appears 10 times its actual size. The diamond grader examines the natural clarity characteristics. Besides this, a number of characteristics are included, such as size, colour, and position. The clarity grade assigned reflects the degree of visibility of the characteristics.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity Grades

FL. Flawless Diamond

FL: Flawless

Flawless: a FL diamond has no inclusions or characteristics (blemishes) inside or on its surface. It is extremely rare and is an exquisite symbol of perfection. Less than 0.1% of all gem quality diamonds are in this category. They have the highest premium and are typically found in smaller sized diamonds. With this clarity you cannot see any inclusions or blemishes even with 10x magnification and those too can only be found by a skilled grader.

IF: Internally Flawless

Internally Flawless: an IF diamond has no inclusions and may possess very minute undetectable surface blemishes. It is extremely rare and truly gorgeous. These tiny blemishes do not affect sparkle and are known as minor details of polish such as polish lines. These imperfections can be found only by a skilled grader in 10x magnification.

IF. Internally Flawless Diamond

VVS1: Very, Very Slightly Included 1 Diamond

VVS1: Very, Very Slightly Included 1

Very, Very Slightly Included 1: a VVS1 diamond has very minute inclusions that are extremely small, and often undetectable by many diamond professionals, even under 10x magnification. VVS1 offers a much better value than FL or IF and still has virtually the same appeal. Diamond sparkle is unaffected as the inclusions are so small that light is barely affected. The most common VVS1 inclusions are pinpoint and natural. Typically, VVS1 inclusions are only visible from the pavilion, under magnification. To the naked eye, the inclusions are not visible making these diamonds eye-clean.

VVS2: Very, Very Slightly Included 2

Very, Very Slightly Included 2: a VVS2 diamond has very minute inclusions that are extremely small, but are slightly more visible under magnification than VVS1. This clarity grade is considered the best value of the higher clarities and does not compromise your diamond’s brilliance. Inclusions can rarely be found, even under 10x magnification. The most common VVS2 inclusions include cloud, pinpoint, feather and natural.

VVS2: Very, Very Slightly Included 2 Diamond

VVS1: Very, Slightly Included 1 Diamond

VS1: Very Slightly Included 1

Very Slightly Included 1: a VS1 diamond has very minor inclusions that can be seen only under magnification. VS is a very popular clarity range. The inclusions in VS1 diamonds cannot be viewed by the naked eye and have minimal impact on diamond sparkle. The largest factor in grading a VS1 is the size of the grade setting inclusion. The most common VS1 inclusions include cloud, feather, needle, crystal, indented natural.

VS2: Very Slightly Included 2

Very Slightly Included 2: a VS2 diamond has very minor inclusions that look only slightly larger than a VS1 under magnification. A VS2 is not noticeable to the unaided eye and is extremely popular because its value allows you to focus your budget on another Cut, Color or Carat. VS2 diamonds tend to have a few more inclusions than VS1 and the size is slightly larger, while still microscopic. The common VS2 inclusions include crystal, feather, indented natural, cloud and twinning wisp. The location of inclusions isn’t very impactful in VS diamonds.

VS2: Very, Slightly Included 2 Diamond

SI1: Slightly Included 1 Diamond

SI1: Slightly Included 1

Slightly Included 1: Additionally, we recommend choosing SI diamonds with more inclusions rather than a single inclusion. With a single grade setting inclusion, it must be larger and more visible in order to be an SI clarity diamond. The common SI1 diamond inclusions are crystal Slightly Included 1: a SI1 diamond will sparkle brilliantly even with its minor inclusions that may be invisible to the unaided eye. SI1 is extremely popular because its value allows you to focus your budget on another Cut, Colour or Carat. It is considered a high clarity grade at a great price. In SI diamonds, it is recommended to choose diamonds with inclusions that are off center and closer to the girdle of the diamond. These are rarer to find and so they carry a Premium feather, twinning wisp, cloud, knot and indented natural. SI diamonds.

Be wary of single crystals or clouds that they can be eye visible or make the diamond look hazy, cloudy or milky. Be sure to analyze diamonds on a case by case basis so that you are getting one of excellent quality.

SI2: Slightly Included 2

Slightly Included 2: an SI2 diamond will possess high sparkle and is comprised by clarity inclusions that may be visible without magnification, when examined closely. Most SI2 inclusions are undetectable to the unaided eye. SI clarity grades tend to offer great value. Like SI1 diamonds, avoid larger, single inclusions. On the GIA report, these can be identified by the diamond plot where inclusions are marked or by the inclusion comments.

Avoid SI2 diamonds that have a grade setting inclusion that is cloud or a large, center crystal. Crystals in SI diamonds are typically black and so they are more visible without magnification. Common SI2 inclusions are larger crystals, twinning wisps, feathers, clouds and knots. SI diamonds.

SI2: Slightly Included 2 Diamond

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